Thursday, January 11, 2024

Scams are every where

Caution. Don't fall for scams.

This morning I received via e-mail:
"Hello Customer,

Due to a pr󠆚󠆚obl󠆚󠆚em with your ca󠆚󠆚r󠆚󠆚d, we were unable to ch󠆚󠆚arg󠆚󠆚e your ac󠆚󠆚cou󠆚󠆚nt $1󠆚󠆚3.9󠆚󠆚9 and applicable ta󠆚󠆚xe󠆚󠆚s for your next 1 month of Am󠆚󠆚azo󠆚󠆚n Pr󠆚󠆚im󠆚󠆚e. Your m󠆚󠆚embe󠆚󠆚rshi󠆚󠆚p ben󠆚󠆚efit󠆚󠆚s are currently on h󠆚󠆚ol󠆚󠆚d. 
You may need to up󠆚󠆚dat󠆚󠆚e your p󠆚󠆚aym󠆚󠆚ent details though – Click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions"
This one was easy. I don't have Amazon Prime. But you might. Many scams are out there imitating real companies--using believable logos--we recently were caught by one pretending to be our cable provider. I get other e-mails and texts supposedly from UPS, or just a simple, "Hi, I haven't heard from you for a while," or "Did I miss your call" without any name. Don't give any recording or "person" (could be AI) any information like your SS or credit card number.
It's a mess to clean up, and they move faster than we can to correct it. There are bad people out there, and they aren't all in D.C.

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