Thursday, January 04, 2024

Why do Democrats vote against our country?

I can't imagine why the Democrats are so fearful of being dragged back to the era of 
personal responsibility, 
Judeo-Christian values,
respect for talent, 
self-esteem based on work and skills instead of race, 
true biology and science, 
responsible journalism, 
borders that protect us and not the crossers, 
honest elections, 
universities that educate instead of indoctrinating, 
and two sexes. 
They truly seem terrified of the past, of our roots, of our history. The goals weren't always achieved, and some didn't make it, but it was certainly better than DEI where everyone loses. Most Democrats I know say they are for these things, but vote against their personal values!

David K a former history teacher and writer responds: "Because it takes chaos to get there, and they think they are better than banana republic leaders and will not be subject to their chaos-creating turning on them such as has happened to many others in history, not least of which was the French Revolution. It is all about power, and they are behaving very much like dictatorships, where they use (like Peron, like French Revolutionaries, like Russian revolutionaries) the poor and disadvantaged to gain power, then treat them worse than they were before, along with everyone else except the ruling elite, which gets privilege. Soviet dictators had dachas on the Black Sea, as Brezhnev bragged to Nixon, and Putin still does. Hitler had his Bechtesgarten, Clinton his Martha's Vineyard, and so on."

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