Monday, February 19, 2024

The menu begins with the letter C

We had an interesting Sunday dinner yesterday: every item on the menu began with a "C" but I didn't realize it until today. What are the odds? Chicken alfredo, carrots with honey and butter, coleslaw, cantaloupe, and chocolate chip cookies. The letter C has no sound of its own. Poor thing. It is either a K, an S, or a CH. K sound obviously is the biggy. S, not so much. Cellar, center, cymbal, citizen, city, cinnamon etc. Looks like if a C is followed by an I or E it has an S sound, but if followed an A or O or U it is a hard K sound. The British Isles were overrun and conquered by so many different nations/peoples and had so many dialects, that I'd have to ask a scholar why this happened--that we have an orphan letter in our English language alphabet. 

Photo:   C is for Cat and Chihuahua.

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