Sunday, November 14, 2010

Her ears aren't pierced--big deal!

At her blog she wrote a very long entry about her non-pierced ears--longer than any of my stories about the government, about housing, about health, about family memories, about retirement, etc. And she got 46 comments. FORTY-SIX!!!

Well, I never had my ears pierced either, and probably couldn't write two sentences about it. So there. And yes, people have noticed. Comments anyone?


Noah Bawdy™ said...

I only have one pierce in one ear. Not many people notice because I stopped wearing anything in it years ago. That my hairs so long you can't see my ears.

Noah Bawdy™ said...

Ooops, meant to say "That and my hair is so long you can't see my ears."

(stupid fingers)

Glen in Phoenix AZ said...

Norma, IMHO this is a reflection of the current sad and lamentable state of our culture. 46 bloggers can easily chime in and provide comments because pierced ears are something they can understand. It's part of their experience. But on subjects of culture, ethics, politics, civics, many in our society are blank sheets. In 2009 a study was conducted of just over 1100 graduating high-school seniors. They were asked 10 very basic questions about how our federal government works. You know, basic civics stuff. These questions come right off of the 100 question exam every naturalized citizen has to pass in order to be granted naturalized citizenship. Only 3.5% of those students got 7 or more answers correct, out of 10. A recent trial found that 92.4 percent of citizenship applicants passed the 100 question test on their first try.

So why don't we see more responses and comments when bloggers write about the state of politics, or ethics, or civics in our nation? Because our public schools no longer teach American Civics. I will leave you and Glenn Beck to decide whether this is intentional or not.

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