Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christians and George Soros

Many Christians refuse to watch Glenn Beck. They think he's an alarmist, a kook libertarian, or don't like his Mormon faith.  In recent weeks, there are two very good reasons to be watching and listening--his story about inflation (read articles on today's WSJ on inflationary prices on A5 and C7*), and his story about George Soros infiltrating many Christian organizations and the media, essentially buying them up. 

The Christian Left, and even many evangelicals who have become really sloppy in aligning themselves as "emerging" or "emergent" are involved in promoting pro-choice, illegal immigration, gay marriage and anti-Israel movements. Last night, using his typical high-tech, high touch methods to illustrate a point, Beck rolled out an enormous sheet of brown butcher paper on which were written the names of all the "charities" George Soros, an atheist, supports, most of which are the antithesis of the Gospel and the basic concepts on which the United States was founded.  Soros is working hard behind the scenes to get Beck off the air.  However, there are many Christians now wise to his tricks and are providing some balance and research to fight him. Even a little blog like mine gets the hit and run socialists posting in my comments or sending me e-mails(removed if they get nasty) if I speak out about Soros.

Jim Wallis is probably the best known of the Evangelical Left (although the evangelical part of him has certainly been starved  as the left of him swells and gets ever more pompous) who has taken Soros funding to support his left wing agenda.  Two years ago our Vineyard Church here in Columbus invited him as a major speaker at its rally for peace and justice (I'm paraphrasing here), and I suspect this would not happen today as Wallis' links to radical movements and marxism become more clear to even the most obtuse, warm and squishy Christian.  Also, the Christian left has been quite alarmed by the Tea Party strength, as it eats away at its own power base, so it is fighting back.

How far left have the Evangelicals swung?  Richard Cizik, the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, now works for George Soros funding organization called the Open Society Institute.  This is beyond teetering on a cliff--he's completely fallen off the mountain top.

It's time to not only carefully read the "we believe" statement, but the mission statements, and the board of directors or trustees of any Christian organization you've been supporting or plan to support. We are at war.

*A5--11/11/10 article on new method to figure inflation--19.7% since last October; C7--article on commodities volatility, cotton, silver and soybeans.


Anonymous said...

"We are at war."

Yes, indeed, we are. I'm grateful for "little blogs" like yours, (as you put it). Keep preachin' it, Norma!


joetote said...

Personally, I feel Soros is one of the most dangerous men in the world and I came to that conclusion “well before Glenn Beck” started his so called piling on. I must as always refer to a statement Glen makes over and over on every show he does, both radio and TV. “Do not take my word for this! I’ve presented facts. Look at the facts than decide” Well, I for one had looked at the facts well before this.

One other note here. Being Jewish myself, I question every day how the Jewish population in this country can stand behind not only people like Soros, but the Anti-Israel left itself. Yet, just like the black population ( and I know I’ll hear about that)they support the very people that would drive them to oblivion! Very odd in my book!

Norma said...

I was reading an anti-Beck article today and really, the author wasn't able to refute a single point he made about Soros, but thought he was hateful and anti-semitic. That's odd. I believe the same charges are leveled about criticism of Obama, only then it's racism. The actual policy you are criticising is never addressed.

The very first program I heard from Beck years ago (and I wasn't happy that he bumped Dr. Laura here) he was defending Israel.