Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Will we see long term change for these women?

Last Tuesday I heard a very inspiring talk on our local NPR WOSU station, Ann Fisher's All Sides, with Judges Paul Herbert and Scott Van Der Karr about a court program to rescue women from prostitution. Link. They talked about drug treatment, safe housing, workshops, and Johns Schools, to go after the buyer.
Saving money, changing lives | The Columbus Dispatch

While browsing resources for women involved in prostitution, I've come across many sites that as a Christian, I wouldn't support, even if they are fighting prostitution. For instance, look what the curriculum for "Sanctuary for change" (funded in part by the HHS) provided its students, whose minds and bodies had already been abused for years!

"Women identified the following components of the curriculum as the most important piece of information that they would put into practice:

•“That I will use protection if I engage in sex ever.”
•“My learning to be assertive and living without my worrying about what others think of me. Living my life as being worthy.”
•“To be able to have an open dialogue about safe sex with a partner.”
•“My feelings are valid and I am in control of my body.”
•“Taking time out for me and safe sex.”

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