Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lewison family faith

Listening to the local Catholic radio I hear many things that are unfamiliar, or I think were settled in the 16th century reformation--at least for those who began following the teachings of Luther and Calvin. Purgatory; Worship of Mary and the saints (and please don't tell me it's not "worship" because they are praying to them--I hear them); Obligations; Miracles at shrines; Indulgences. And so forth.

That said, it would seem that proper theology doesn't mean much. I heard this morning an amazing story of faith on Women of Grace hosted by Johnnette Benkovic, and whether it is Jesus, Mary, the saints or all combined, it is undergirding this family.

A woman, Mary Lewison, called the show I was listening to earlier in the year--February possibly--to discuss the death of her 18 year old son who was killed when his truck was hit by a train. The moderater had also lost a son, so the two had had a long talk on the air. This week the woman sent the moderator an article about the family to catch up, which Johnnette then read on the show this morning.

After the death of her 18 year old, 4 of the 5 surviving children in the family were in two different automobile accidents, 2 serious enough to be hospitalized. Then the woman's husband had a heart attack when he was in a different state, and got to the ER within minutes of death--the doctor called it a "widow-maker," and she became his care-giver; when she thought nothing else could happen to her family, the woman was fired from her job for missing so much work during her husband's 4 month recovery!

She has not lost her faith in Jesus. Broadcast is here for December 21, 2011.


mdoneil said...

Johnnette Benkovic lives in the same city as I do, we used to go to the same parish until I moved. She lost her son in a car crash and her husband to brain cancer six or seven years ago. They are very nice people.

Norma said...

Thank you--Johnnette had not added that information.

Columbus, Ohio said...

I just heard this story again on the one year anniversary of Joe Lewison's death and subsequently did a search about it and found your blog. Now I know it is YOUR blog and you can say what you want but I must enlighten you. The Catholic Faith in no way "worships" anything but our Lord God. When you say you know they do cause you hear them praying to them do you mean you hear them talking to Mary and the Saints for intercession like I might say...."Norma, please pray to God for this favor that I need"?? Of course when one asks for intercession they must ask that person directly. You are misunderstanding the teachings. Also, the supposed "reforming" was not done by Luter but by the Catholic Church itself...he left the Church and therefore nothing was reformed cause of his leaving! He started a Church the way HE wanted it not Jesus Christ...Norma, read your Church History and you will find the truth. Calvin subsequently disagreed with Luther and started his own "religion". Therefore Luter setteld nothing but created an atmosphere of dissention. You see for someone to have really participate in a reforem they must remain IN the organization supposedly reformed....No one said the people making up the Church Christ instituded are perfect, we are all sinners, but THE CHURCH, The Catholic Church was instituted by Christ as a visible Church and the gates of Hell will never prevail against her.
God Bless you...