Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year end contributions to Christian organizations

Although we regularly tithe at our church home, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, at the end of the year we enjoy looking over and supporting other Christian appeals. Luther suggested for Bible study 1) Oratio (prayer), 2. Meditatio (meditate) and 3. Tentatio (struggle) which isn't a bad plan when chosing good causes--because the ones that aren't good are tossed when we receive them, and the others set aside for further consideration.

1. Pinecrest Community is always on our list and this year I included a note to Leanne Manheim, the Development Director, because I've met her a few times on the visits with my sister. The Illinois budget is in terrible shape--the state isn't paying its Medicaid bills for months and months.

2. Pregnancy Decision Health Centers help women with problem pregnancies make good decisions for their babies. Abortion is the holocaust of our era--some 50 million deaths since the early 70s. The other day I heard a revolting statistic--64% of the women who "chose" abortion felt pressured by boyfriend, husband, parents or peers. If you are 17 and don't have access to your own funds even for doctor and hospital, or transportation to a pregnancy help center, what would you do if parents demand that you have an abortion in order to remain under their roof--and the boyfriend's parents agree.

3. Lower Lights Christian Health Center on Columbus' west side provides health care in a low income area of our city, over $350,000 in unreimbursed medical care to uninsured and underinsured patients, which is about 75% of its patient population. It was started by a young Christian female doctor, Dana Vallangeon, in 2002.

4. World Mission Prayer League supports 120 full time workers to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was founded by Lutherans in 1937. I am one of its "prayer warriors," and I love their publications.

5. Into the Field is the newest ministry on our list directed and founded by Jennifer Cameron, the daughter of friends and member of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church. It serves other ministries and the Body of Christ seeking to serve other Christians.

6. Lutheran Bible Translators brings the gospel to people who have no written language and put it in their "heart language."

7. Lakeside the Chautauqua on Lake Erie is where we have our summer home, and now spend the better part of the summer. Gate fees and association dues just don't cover the expenses to keep this community of art, literature, music and religion running, so there are always fund raisers.

8. 168 Film Project , has a huge mission--to illuminate the Word of God through short film. The founder, John Ware, is now a Californian, but is also a son of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, and his mom still attends there. There are 168 hours in a week and that's how long the writers, actors, editors, directors, etc. have to put together a short (11 minutes) film on a Bible verse. Last year an entry for documentary featured UALC, directed by Steve Puffenberger.

And finally, there may be a few conservative candidates and organizations on our list of gifts, but that will be our little secret.


Anonymous said...

I can not imagine the need to make public my charity donations.

Norma said...

It's not a need. I'm soliciting your gifts for organizations I support. You don't know if I gave $1.00 or $1,000. And you gave to. . .?

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't like it if you don't support Moveon or Planned Parenthood. They are so crabby.

Norma said...

On Facebook people solicit for organizations all the time, particularly if they've had a family member with cancer, for instance. They advertise the events, put up paypal for donations etc. I'm assuming they also contribute to these causes. I don't have ads on my blog, but many bloggers I visit do have soliciation ads for various organizations supporting military families, rare disease research, animal rescue groups, etc. Why would I be advocating for a group I don't support myself?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you gave it was more than Biden reports on his income tax.

Norma said...

It's an anti-Christian bias. If I'd listed Cat Welfare or the Obama campaign, there would have been no complaints.