Saturday, December 21, 2013

A promise kept

church for sale

Until the 20th century, virtually all Christian churches taught the same as the Roman Catholic on contraception and abortion. The HHS mandate is intended to end whatever vestige of Biblical teaching is left, and Sebilius a Catholic is leading the way. Not that Protestants have protested.  I’ve certainly never heard a sermon in my church on the sanctity of life, or even marriage for that matter.  Until the current administration, almost all Christian churches and denominations with the exception of a few "mainline" (and poorly attended) agreed on homosexuality. In fact, until the last election, even the President was coy and evasive about same sex marriage, flip flopping as he went to please which ever audience he was addressing.  With the leadership of "Hollywood" and celebrity values and the government's attacks on the first amendment freedoms of speech and religion, and the 4th amendment guarantees of privacy rights, indeed in 5 short years he has fundamentally changed the country. The idea that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights which originally were intended to protect us from an overbearing, oppressive government has been flipped to the government is our friend and buddy here to help us out of all messes and jams. This has pretty much been Obama’s goal. He’s reaching it with the help of Christians.

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