Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stop with the anti-Christmas meme!


Not once have I ever been stopped from saying “Merry Christmas.” Now, I have complained in the past that the Upper Arlington Public Library “holiday book list” doesn’t contain a single mention of Christmas; but there are churches that call their bazaars Holiday Frolic, and their concerts Festive Fun for All.  Why should I expect more from the library?

Hey, there are real Christians really being murdered for their real faith in other parts of the real world.  Areas and nations where they used to worship in safety, or a few hundred years ago, represented a major religion.


Anonymous said...

you actually an say Merry Christmas in this country all you want and Santa can be any color he wants to be because its a non issue also. Why are you folks making such a huge deal out of something that is a non issue. you got nothing and you know it

Norma said...

Exactly. And I said that, but you didn't read the blog. And the woman media racist who brought up Santa's skin color was black, not white. Now, go out and stop lying.