Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coconut oil for skin care

Perhaps one of the best, and cheapest tips circulating the internet is to use pure organic coconut oil for skin care. I had a jar in the cupboard for cooking, so I squished some (it is solid but melts with just skin heat) into an unused pill container and put it in the bathroom. This stuff is amazing. I'd had 2 stubborn spots on my face, and after using it for both removing make-up and a moisturizer under make-up, they just disappeared; last night I slathered it on my hands and put on cotton gloves, and this morning my hands feel like summer; and there is no water or alcohol or chemical lab list to worry about. There are lots of new babies in the family and I see it's good for stretch marks


I've only used it once for cooking, so have a lot on hand. It seems expensive for shortening, but when compared to a mid-price brand of lotion or moisturizer of a few ounces with all the unpronounceables on the label, it's a bargain.

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