Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not everyone has snow


But this is a lovely, if stylized, memory of Christmas as it probably never was.  I saw it at Flyover Culture on Facebook, which has the most beautiful photos of our country.  And promotes the conservative values and culture which I admire. We do have a light dusting of snow this morning and I’ll be meeting with friends of 30+ years for coffee.

Yesterday we got a note inside a Christmas card updating us on a small family we haven’t seen since Christmas 1965.  They were renters of the apartment in our duplex where we lived in Champaign, IL.  When we waved good-bye to them and their little daughter, I didn’t know we’d still be in contact almost 50 years later.  Except we aren’t. Until this year, the card simply had a signature.  Somewhere along the way the husband’s name was dropped from the card, then we got one photo card years ago with mom, daughter (now grown) and her husband.  The note reports the daughter’s daughter has just graduated from college.  However, the note which updated us, was intended for someone else and got in the wrong card.  Sigh.

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