Saturday, January 04, 2014

What he does best is campaign; least is lead

While Obama vacationed in expensive luxury in Hawaii, his minions shivered in DC and scrambled to put a happy face on Obamacare, and appeal to disappointed supporters for money to run against the evil Republicans or lose the Senate. We know he'll take his failed economic policies, blame them on the Republicans and campaign against the evil rich--and why not, the stock market soared at the end of 2013, and blacks and minorities are still looking for work. So let's raise the minimum wage and bring in more illegals to further mess up the job market for the less skilled and less educated. I can't wait for the wagging finger and angry face--but will he be able to still fool that many people?

When Obama was an Illinois senator, he had nothing but bad things to say about the Iraq War, but the Afghanistan War was the "good war." As a U.S. senator he gave comfort to the enemy by criticizing Bush and the war. When he ran for president the wars were virtually over removing one of his talking points and both countries were on their way to freedom from extremists, although not to the democracy Bush has envisioned. Bush freed more women than Lincoln did slaves (Atlantic monthly). So he really had little to say about it in 2009 except to follow Bush's plan of orderly withdrawal and support (with a lot of criticism from the leftist supporters). Now Obama is throwing it all away. He doesn't lead; he's returning to his roots.

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