Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Family Photo—homeschooling

My husband hosted his young home schooled friends on Thursday. He set the dining room table with paper plates and napkins with Twinkies and milk. He brought them t-shirts and caps from Haiti with a letter for each from a Haitian child. He showed them a video of his recent short term mission trip. Several weeks ago he did an art class instruction for them; I think today was social studies.


Norma Bruce's photo.

They pay him back by being adorable models for his paintings—in the one above his head they are eating ice cream along the lakefront in Lakeside. The other, just finished this week, is a painting of the children in front of the ice cream shop at Lakeside.

Their mother called that tonight to tell him the younger girl prayed at dinner for the children of Haiti, and that they would have enough money to continue their education.

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Anonymous said...

Good models for Bob's artwork.
The kids here took art lessons for two years and really, really loved the teacher. Expense and time has prevented them from taking classes this year.