Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She cried the day she realized she was a Republican

“Michelle Obama, while on her multi-million dollar "vacation" with an entourage of 70 people, tells the ChiComs How America Used to Discriminate Against People Like Her and Her Husband. - and yet it seems they have Stockholm Syndrome. I love how Rush put it today, RUSH: "I really wonder if Michelle Obama knows that you can't even move from the country into a city in China unless you have a permit and that getting a permit is dependent on many things which are discriminatory. . .  I wonder also if Michelle Obama even knows that every single one of these laws that discriminated against blacks like her and her husband were written, enacted, and enforced by Democrats, every damn one of them."

I believe it was Einstein who once said: It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - I can somewhat attest to that. I remember the day I realized I had been duped, fooled, hoodwinked etc.  I was mad but I also had to choose to accept or reject the truth. We each have the choose to dig in our heels and be stuck on stupid (or more kindly, willful ignorance) or admit we were wrong and move on. Shoot I even cried the day I realized I was a Republican, lol. After the years of conditioning it is hard to admit to being fooled but I would rather that than live my life as a fool.”  ~ Ayesha Kreutz, President, www.fdfny.org  Shared on Face Book


Anonymous said...

that is bigget bunch of hooie thus far

Norma said...

That would make you a racist.