Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chris Matthews to be Ohio State graduation speaker

Chris Matthews is going to be the speaker at the OSU graduation. This is probably appropriate given the politics of academe (left), but I doubt that the parents who have gone into debt to shell out the $50-60,000 are pleased. Their children have already endured years of political indoctrination in the classroom which may take years of the "real" world to undo--they really don't need this final word from a man who spouts such trash about conservatives. He's called half the nation intolerant morons, he joked about Christie's weight (during sex no less!), called Ted Cruz a zoo animal and a racist (picture a Republican getting away with this about an Hispanic), commented that Republicans would like to see Obama executed, said that if you didn't believe Hurricane Sandy was a result of Global Warming you were a "pig," called the press too even handed (!), depriving women of birth control (which no one is doing) is being a Nazi, he said a year ago that the economy was bustling and job growth was booming, he calls Tea Party members terrorists and racists, he actually called Biden the best vice president in history, gave advice to the Catholic Church on birth control (accept it),  he referred to opposition to Hillary as a psychosis (including Obama in 2008?), and he speaks of Obama in reverential, Biblical tones worthy of someone moving toward sainthood. I won't go to the campus and carry a sign, but the next time OSU asks me for money, I'll tell them where to put that appeal.

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