Friday, March 07, 2014

More tragedies uncovered for Obamacare

If I were an illegal alien living in the USA and Obama promised me that signing up for Obamacare would not endanger me, I think I wouldn't believe him. After all, the entire country was promised when it was passed that illegals wouldn't be covered (many losing the benefits they previously had). Is there anything in that law that passed in 2010 still in place? Yes, the increased costs and what we still need to find--like cutting home health care for seniors which was there, but no one paid any attention. And once the name and details are in the system, no one, not even citizens with impeccable Democrat credentials, have found a way to back out or change it.

"When the White House now talks about the “Get Covered” campaign, it’s not about ordinary Americans getting health care. It’s about covering the backsides of the Obama water-carriers who may very well lose their jobs. They’re not just eating their words. They’re choking on Obamacare’s massive, inevitable, job-killing, life-threatening failures." Michelle Malkin

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