Thursday, March 20, 2014

This and That Thursday

So, it's the first day of Spring. Over the noise of the furnace fan this morning I could hear birds outside calling me and when I took the trash out I found one tiny yellow flower


My husband is enjoying the good life in California with his sister , so I made a wonderful salad of several dark greens, onions, olives, tomatoes and the left over corned beef. He's probably at some ridiculously expensive restaurant. Or on Deb's patio.


Quantitative easing has apparently ended (it's what made the rich even richer during the Obama reign), so the stock market took a swim in the quick sand today. Good luck fellow retirees, our pensions are in for a bumpy ride.


I heard an ad for the new Noah movie today that was really a disclaimer--"based on the book of Genesis with artistic license." I guess so since about 98% of Christians familiar with it have panned it. It's not a story about overpopulation and the environment, but the movie is. Hollywood has discovered religious people like to buy tickets for movies with sound values and non-embarrassing themes, but this sounds like a bust.


Abortion enthusiasts are selling silver necklaces with little coat hangers.  How cute. Coat hanger abortions are a myth, and always have been. And if it were true, those who do it, are pro-choice, not pro-life.


Our noon Lenten service at UALC Lytham Rd.  was poorly attended. Too many regulars skipped worship to watch the Buckeyes get defeated in basketball. Some even skipped the Bible study!

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