Monday, September 12, 2016

How ill is Hillary and what is it?

Although I've never gone out in public looking like Mrs. Clinton did yesterday, if I did, it would take more than 90 minutes of "rehydration" at my daughter's home to get me up and going again. And I certainly wouldn't have hugged a little girl if I didn't know what was wrong with me. This woman just can't be trusted. With anything. With anyone. Any where.

This election season is so strange. A whole new round of speculations and theories about Hillary's health, and Trump is acting presidential and she's acting like a fishwife lugging a basketful of deplorables.

The Hillary media mavens are acting like a diagnosis of pneumonia is no big deal, but for the elderly, it is.


Anonymous said...

You seriously denigrate the way Senator Clinton looked yesterday??? Seriously?? Suffering from pneumonia, wearing a bullet proof vest and a full suit, in the heat and humidity, and standing for hours in the sun. And you criticize her hair and her makeup. It's pretty impossible for some women to keep their hair bouffant in heat and humidity, and makeup easily rubs off too.

You were also critical of what she was wearing, but you don't seem to realize the pressure a woman who aspires to a position of power must dress like a man in that same position dresses. I saw plenty of men all around her wearing the same attire, but you didn't criticize any of them. Nope, you go for the woman.

If you've never had flat hair, an unflattering hair cut, gone without makeup, and still have the perfect figure then you may criticize.

Norma said...

Gee, I said she looked sick, and I wouldn't go out looking like that. She was ignoring her diagnosis at that time, exposing other people, and you're mad at me? You really are a die hard Clinton supporter. You can't have it both ways; either she's up to this or she isn't. Don't pull the poor lil' lady thing on me. Won't wash. And none of the men looked as bad as she did, nor were any of them running for president.