Friday, September 16, 2016

The fallout--for Hillary or Trump?

I didn't watch Fox all summer but was aware of the meltdown there.  Really good reporters and opinion speakers have left.  But the noon program called Outnumbered is still worth watching. Today the Ladies (of the Outnumbered on Fox) were screaming at each other over the Trump press conference this morning. No one who has decided to support either candidate will change their minds. But it was a masterpiece of political theater. He got more news coverage--it was an brilliant infomercial for his campaign for President. (And a YUGE plug for his new hotel). He also used the public forum at no cost to his campaign to show his impressive support from retired military. It's like the primaries. He sucked the air out of Hillary's room. I think all the media are mad at him.

Trump plays fast and lose with the truth, he manipulates his audience.  But we've got 30 years of her lies, and her footprint is all over Syria.  Donald Trump can fly high above all her scandals and mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Since Ailes left Fox, it's now firm in the MSM, and conservatives have nothing to watch.