Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who benefits from the race riots?

As I noted earlier, statistically, both in number and rate, more whites in the commission of a crime are killed by police than blacks. Whites also kill each other--about 84% is white on white because most crime is intraracial, gays kill each other, too, and many who kill know the victim. Only women and children don't fit that mold. When children are murdered, it's most likely one of the parents or her boyfriend, and a gun isn't used. In central Ohio right now we have a grisly serial murderer of women (again), a white man with white victims, unfolding and they're just finding the bodies. But it doesn't seem to make the national news, cause riots, or stick to the news cycle.

Why is that? Money and power.

Racialists, politicians, and media outlets can't make money or get votes by stirring anger over a mother suffocating her baby, or a white man kidnapping and killing white women. No one breaks windows and steals Air Jordans over a child killed by its parents. Racist alarmists and poverty pimps like Dyson, Jackson, Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and hundreds of academics on the government grant teat would have to cut back on their extravagant life style if riots like Charlotte, Dallas, Ferguson and Tulsa didn't happen.

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