Friday, September 23, 2016

The bin Laden documents

It turns out Hillary isn't the only one of Obama's inner circle sensitive about hard drives, cell phones, etc. He is, too. It was about a year ago I heard that the Navy seals had captured the bin Laden documents, but with all the other scandals hovering over this administration plus the run up to the primaries, it went from the back burner to under the rug.

As it turns out, there's enough information to fill a small college library, but the Obama administration doesn't want them released because they conflict with the narrative that he had weakened them, they were decimated--the justification for his disastrous pull out that birthed ISIS (aka ISIL). Now they may have to be subpoenaed. 

"There are enough documents to fill a "small college library," [Devin] Nunes (R) wrote -- but only a fraction is public. The letter goes on to describe that documents "came from the information on over 100 thumb drives, hard drives, cell phones, paper files and other documents."

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