Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Traffic fatalities up

I wonder if it is marijuana? More people texting? Both?

“The nation lost 35,092 people in traffic crashes in 2015, ending a 5-decade trend of declining fatalities with a 7.2% increase in deaths from 2014. The final data released today by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed traffic deaths rising across nearly every segment of the population. The last single-year increase of this magnitude was in 1966, when fatalities rose 8.1% from the previous year."


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Anonymous said...

The increase is economic in 2015. IN fact if you look at what happen in 2008 when the recession hit you can see the REVERSE!

(You are more likely to die in a medical mistake that killed 400,000 in 2014! http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/deaths-by-medical-mistakes-hit-records WAY more than auto deaths. Never mind we drove 3 TRILLION MILES LAST YEAR PLUS TOO!)

Just compare 2007 to 2008 the year the recession hit. The deaths dropped from 41,259 to 37,423 DUE TO THE ECONOMY!

That was a close to a 4,000 drop in ONE YEAR because of the start of the RECESSION!


The 2007 was also last time we had a record driving year till 2015.

It is really important to NOT compare 2015 to the recession years as any comparison to 2008 to 2014 numbers SKEW the results due the recession affecting the numbers.
Here are 2006 thur 2014.

2006 US Death rate per mile 1.42 Total Deaths 42,708 Miles Driven 3.014 Trillion (3,014 VMT Billion)
2007 US Death rate per mile 1.36 Total Deaths 41,259 Miles Driven 3.031 Trillion
Recession Begins
2008 US Death rate per mile 1.26 Total deaths 37,423. Miles Driven 2.977 Trillion (2,977 VMT Billion)
Full year of recession
2009 US Death rate per mile 1.15 Total deaths 33,883. Miles Driven 2.957 Trillion
2010 US Death rate per mile 1.11 Total deaths 32,999. Miles Driven 2.967 Trillion
2011 US Death rate per mile 1.10 Total deaths 32,479. Miles Driven 2.950 Trillion
2012 US Death rate per mile 1.14 Total deaths 33,782. Miles Driven 2.969 Trillion
2013 US Death rate per mile 1.10 Total deaths 32,894. Miles Driven 2,988 Trillion
Starting to leave Recession
2014 US Death rate per mile 1.08 Total deaths 32,675. Miles Driven 3.026 Trillion (3,026 VMT Billion)

The cause is driving miles increasing with more DUI, younger drivers, and more discretionary driving.
Also it is important to mention the DR per mile! It was 1.12 for 2015, lower than 2012 which was 1.14!

Are roads are safe just busy. But compare us to China who in 2013 kllled over 261K in one year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate The US is outstanding.

Yet we get bent out of shape becasue of a economic increase.

Our DEATH RATE per mile is still a low 1.12!