Thursday, September 13, 2018

How Democrats change American English

Here's how it works, how the anti-American Democrats redefine our language and values.

1) Proud American = xenophobic, Nazi.
2) Make America Great Again slogan = anti-immigrant.
3) Safe restrooms = transphobic.
4) MS-13 infiltrating junior high schools in DC suburbs = racist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic.
5) Merit promotion, hard work, skill level (except in sports) = white supremacist.
6) Male and female God created them = homophobic, transphobic, Trump voter.
7) Constitutionalist, textualist = anti-woman, misogyny.
8) Trump voter = deplorable, stupid, uneducated, hater, bigot, racist.
9) Pronouns he, she, his, her, him = transphobic, should lose job or go to jail
10) Western civilization is superior = white supremacist, bigot, nationalist, Hitler devotee, Nazi.
11) Hands on arm, fingers touching = white supremacist, bigot, Nazi.
12) 4% growth = racist--hates Obama's record

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