Friday, September 28, 2018

How the Democrats ruin lives—guest blogger Jennifer

Actually, pay attention people. Stop listening to the spin and look at the facts and how this entire allegation SHOULD have been handled!

It's the Dems who are ruining these lives. They had her letter (Feinstein and two others) since early July. Ford wanted to remain anonymous and all they had to do was turn it over to the FBI, which they did anonymously and they looked at it but didn't go too far because it was anonymous.

So the next step would have been to get Ford to privately deal with the FBI on this and NOT make it public. The FBI would have looked into her allegations, her witnesses, and everything else and would have no doubt deemed that her story had too many holes, none of her witnesses agreed, and most likely it was a case of mistaken identity. NONE of it would have been public. IT would have saved both the Ford and Kavanaugh families from this character assassination.

But the Dems wanted to use it politically, so they wanted to stall and they wanted to make it public despite the lives they ruined in the process. The goal is to stop his confirmation hoping in November they can gain control of the house and stop him being on the SCOTUS.

There are actual ethics issues involved here. So put blame where it belongs. Kavanaugh didn't do this, per Ford's own witnesses and good friend, and she is apparently mentally unstable and being made worse as a political pawn and expendable tool of the left. She did not want this public but the cold hearted left didn't care about her. They cared about partisan politics and getting their agenda done in any underhanded way they can.

The law should have been followed correctly, but the left is being very underhanded. Shame on them for what they are doing to both of these families!!!

Remember, some Dems swore they would block any SCOTUS nominee before Kavanaugh was even on the short list. They are doing exactly what they said and they have no ethics or scruples in how they do it. The bad ones seem to truly believe the ends justify the means. The politics of personal destruction and collateral damage means nothing to some of these people. Ford was used and destroyed by the people she trusted. Is nothing sacred anymore?

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