Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Democrats defeat Born-Alive Infants Protection Act

Remember when their excuses were "clump of cells," "parasite in woman's body," or "product of conception." But this is an actual, alive, human being, not inside the woman's body, and not a clump of cells. There's no denying this is a helpless child. Radical feminist/Marxists have taken over the Democrats. Better to be a basket of deplorables than Democrats going to Hell in a handbasket.

We've been looking for hate crimes in the wrong places. Check out the Senate vote. All 2020 Democrat candidates voted to let children die after birth. Due to the horrible side effects of abortion methods—stabbing, dismemberment--I doubt many survive, but what if one is perfect and only needs to be cleaned up, kept warm and fed.  Can mom just say, Nope, let her starve to death? Sounds like that’s what Democrats intend.



Democrats can't save a single baby born alive after a botched abortion if the mother wants to kill her. Why would you ever trust them with YOUR health care? It began when Obama was an Illinois state senator, the only one in the nation, and look how he took his party down.

"As pro-life Senator Marsha Blackburn wrote in an op-ed shortly after the vote, “It should have been an easy vote for every member of the Senate, but on Monday night, many Democrats demonstrated that their pro-choice stance also requires them to support infanticide. Sadly, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s recent comments advocating infanticide clearly framed the Democrats’ radical agenda. Their push to abort children reveals a hardened inner core that shocks the conscience.”"

We now have a modern, clear understanding of people who own slaves and truly believe humans are personal, disposable property. Then and now, the belief is unshakeable.

Although this bill said nothing about restricting or changing abortion laws, 55% of abortions are for minorities, so we can assume those aborted babies that survive will be a similar percentage. Democrats support and help fund Planned Parenthood which then supports their campaigns, sells baby parts, and puts their clinics either near minority neighborhoods or near college campuses.

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