Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Democrats play like girls—nasty and mean

Odd, isn't it, that Democrats just have to schedule liar Cohen hearings on the day of historic talks with North Korea? It's just too obvious. They play with middle school girls' rules. No Republican or Democrat president has been able to do anything in 70 years, and they just can't have Trump show them up. We don't know yet if anything can be done about that war so many years ago, the war we didn't win but negotiated a bad truce, so God forbid a non-politician can make a difference. Democrats and Republicans have also been trying to "solve" the illegal immigration problem since Johnson tackled it in the 1960s with laws that weren't followed, just revised, for 50 years, with no successful results. Imagine what Trump might have been able to accomplish had they not blocked him at every turn.

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