Sunday, February 03, 2019

Susan couldn’t stand Trump. . . Obama disappointed, and she didn’t like Bush’s policies

“. . . In 2016 I was hoping Rand Paul would get the nomination. I was horrified that Trump was doing so well because I didn’t like his behavior. He didn’t have an intellectual approach to explain policy to the American people, and he was insulting to people around him. Although, I did like when he confronted Hillary Clinton with brutal honesty. Between Trump and Hillary I definitely preferred Trump. Hillary was a guaranteed disaster, but I felt with Trump it was 50/50. Since I live in California, I didn’t think a vote for Trump would matter so I voted for Johnson.

Now that I’ve watched Trump for two years, I am very happy with him. I like his position on border security, ideas on healthcare, criminal justice reform, getting out of TPP and other international treaties. He’s helped bring tentative peace to North Korea, lowered taxes- so many good things!

And, wow, does the media and crazy left have it out for him. It is downright scary what liars and manipulators the media talking heads are. It really does feel like a war for the soul of our country. I detest socialism and want free-markets for our country. Leftists who think Republicans are about racism and hate are deeply ignorant. They have let the TV lead them down the wrong path, away from common sense and decency. This walk away movement is a wonderful idea, there are a lot of people who need a new political home. I'm a conservative now and will be voting for Trump in 2020.”

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