Saturday, February 02, 2019

Praying for HHS staffers, Marie and Rebekah

HHS Watch publishes opposition research on the Trump administration’s appointees, focusing on work they have done for social conservative groups, especially those smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The campaign further attacks the administration appointees’ efforts to overturn provisions in Obamacare which compel religious dissenters to pay for birth control and abortifacient drugs.

The power of God is greater than the power of Satan, so I went to their page   looked at the faces/names, picked two, and pray that God’s power will be stronger than their enemies.  There are a few minorities, but most seem to be white, young females. Women need to be in government unless they are Republican and pro-life, it seems.  I am praying for Marie who is a  lawyer, and anti-abortion activist. Description of her is quite hostile using inflammatory words (won’t let me copy)—calls Family Research Council and Focus on the Family extremist groups (that’s the influence of SPLC).  I’m also praying for Rebekah, HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation,  who is maligned by HHS Watch as an “advisor while in college of (very vague) far right-wing representatives (of what it doesn’t say). She was a staffer for the House Republican Study Committee before becoming a domestic policy advisor to VP Mike Pence.”  Obviously a dangerous woman to be watched!  

So I’m going to pray for Marie and Rebekah (good Biblical names)—for God’s leading and direction.  Won’t you join me and select a few for pray for?  I’m going to pray that the dark money and evil forces behind Equity Forward (fighting for “women’s reproductive health”) and funded by Arabella Advisors (Leftist money organization) and Hopewell  Fund, a 501c3 for leftist advocacy, will shrivel and the people who work there will come to know Jesus. 

The horror stories of the past few weeks about New York and Virginia have at least revealed how many states are going down this road of extremism.   

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