Thursday, August 24, 2023

Pants for fall, Talbots catalog

The September Talbots catalog just dropped through the door slot. How many ways can it name the slacks/pants? Over 30. Almost all have spandex. I did this for the Spring catalog, but only recorded 17--perhaps I collapsed a few.  And no, I don't know the difference between high waist and above waist.  I think it's safe to go to a resale shop and pick out anything.  Looks like anything goes.

1) above waist, wide leg (Greenwich)
2) high waist, straight leg
3) above waist, flare leg
4) above waist, wide-leg crop
5) at waist, ankle length, relaxed
6) above waist, boot leg, ankle length
7) above waist, straight leg, full length
8) above waist, demi boot, crop leg
9) above waist, wide leg, full length (Weston)
10) at waist, skinny leg, ankle length
11) at waist, straight leg, ankle length, front zip (Hampshire)
12) above waist, flare leg, ankle length
13) at waist, slim leg, ankle length (Chatham)
13) balance legging
14) Modal cropped pants
15) balance joggers
16) pajama pants
17) at waist, full length, flared (Portland Trouser)
18) at waist, skinny leg, ankle length (Portland Pants)
19) at waist, flare, full length
20) at waist, tapered leg, ankle pants, lined (suit)
21) above waist, skinny leg, ankle length, jeggings
22) same as 21, but with slimming panel
23) at waist, slim length, slim ankle, slimming panel (5 pocket jeans)
24) below waist, relaxed leg, ankle length (Chino)
25) above waist, boot leg, full length, slimming panel
26) above waist, straight leg, full length (jeans)
27) above waist, straight leg, ankle length (chino)
28) out and about stretch wide leg [no information on waist or length, but photo is over the shoe]
29) everyday stretch leggings [waist & length not described,
30) out and about stretch jogger
31) sporty leggings with attitude
32) everyday, stretch, straight leg pants

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