Friday, August 25, 2023

Cleaning the gutters

We've had some really bad storms this summer--like the one that cost us over $1700 by blowing out the garage door openers and our phones. And the ones clogging up the gutters. Today there are some good ol' boys here to fix my clogged gutters. It's possible that a confederate flag on a cap isn't politically correct these days, but better than the hammer/sickle logo worn on the hearts of Fani Willis and Jack Smith who are interfering with the 2024 election at the direction of the Biden Administration and the Democrat party. I never thought I'd see 1930s Soviet style courts in the USA.

Our most famous election deniers are Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacy Abrams, all Southerners. Maybe they are still fighting the Civil War?

"As the Left continues its relentless persecution and prosecution of former President Donald Trump, a pattern has developed. The Democrats have elected black women as the leaders of the Trump witch hunt, and Jason believes it's for a reason. Not only is it a reflection of America’s further descent into a matriarchal culture, but charging black women specifically with the task of taking down Donald, in the eyes of liberals, makes them beyond reproach. “This is a part of the scam that the black women are playing and perhaps voluntarily. Do they realize that they're being used to inoculate these charges against Trump? This is a joke, because if you put black women as the face of it, if you question the legitimacy of them, you can be accused of racism.” Royce White joins “Fearless” to dive into the latest Trump charges and the role that Letitia James, Fani Willis, and Tanya Chutkan are playing as shills for the Democratic Party and the Biden administration." Jason Whitlock podcast, Aug. 18

Hypocrites: A List of Democrats Who Denied The 2000, 2004, and 2016 Presidential Election Results - The Political Insider

House Republicans open probe into Fani Willis ahead of Trump surrender (

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