Saturday, August 05, 2023

Cover of Architectural Digest--John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

The latest issue of AD (Architectural Digest) just dropped through the mail slot with the lovely cover photo of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen with 3 of their 4 beautiful children. I know nothing about him except lately he's been promoting abortion on demand for Ohio (they don't say that but there will be no limits if it is enshrined in our state Constitution, and I believe it includes rights for children thinking they were born in the wrong body). Something like $13 million by outside the state wealth has been poured into this campaign.

Legend and Teigen are certainly wealthy, although I assumed he was paid for grim advertising. The AD photos provide the brand names of the clothing they are wearing, the jewelry designers, the pendant above the dining room table, designer of the custom carpet, the slabs of custom marble in the kitchen (Calacatta Macchia Vecchia) are repeated in the bathrooms, names of the floor lamps, how the music room is wrapped in a de Gournay wallpaper, and the kids' room with full size stuffed giraffes with beds made to look like cars on a safari (a nod to an African heritage?). The sofa costs over $27,000 and who knows what that swimming pool cost them.
According to the CDC 39% of all women who had abortions in 2020 were non-Hispanic Black, while 33% were non-Hispanic White, 21% were Hispanic, and 7% were of other races or ethnicities. Yes, John and Chrissy are helping diminish the black race in the U.S. while choosing to raise 4 children in gob-smacking wealth. They are so wealthy, they could be providing for home care and parent training for many single moms, but how progressive would that be? It's not the Democrat way. 

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