Wednesday, March 09, 2005

888 The Blog as a business tool

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal had an article about using a blog as sort of a "handshake" for the community or customer. It reported that 32 million people read blogs, and increasingly, those blogs are professionally edited and maintained by businesses. One of the companies listed was Green Cine, so I checked out its blog, Green Cine Daily, and I must say it is outstanding. Green Cine describes itself as "The #1 DVD Rental Site for the Alternative Scene! With the best selection of indie, arthouse, anime, foreign, classics, documentaries and other esoteric fare. Including rare titles available at no other service."

Each entry in the daily blog is loaded with links and bits of info about films, and not just esoterica, since I recognized some of the film stars' obituaries that were noted. I'm not much of a film buff, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the restoration process of Bambi, to which the blogger, David Hudson, supplied the link. If your taste in films is edgier than mine (and that would be just about everyone), you'll really like this site.

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