Monday, May 02, 2005

1007 Millions killed by Malaria

There doesn't seem to be a date on this article about the resurgence of malaria in the United States at this CDC site. The article discusses outbreaks, diagnosis, containment and "sensitizing" people to the possible reintroduction of this disease that was virtually eliminated in the 1950s from the United States. But it hasn't gone away. It isn't killing Americans, but it kills millions in third world countries, courtesy of the discontinuation of the production of DDT. That's what I find so odd about the CDC's page--there's no mention of the environmental disaster--the human component--of the myth that DDT kills.

Environmentalists are running for cover from the fallout of the blame, obscuring their role in the DDT ban, blaming everyone but themselves. But I'm sure the bloggers will dig up the truth and they won't be able to hide for long. Just its lack of mention on a CDC page that it is the only effective control for malaria, says volumes about environmentalists' power in our government agencies.

Update: Found the date--April 22, 2005, and the title is "Preventing Reintroduction of Malaria in the United States," but the articles rotate at the url I provided.

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