Wednesday, May 25, 2005

1069 Would you purchase on an appeal to your baser motives?

Of course, but you‘d have to test drive, too. And check with the bank. But auto makers are spending a lot of money on ads (all seen today) to get you to at least consider these models. Some appeal to power, some to a generation, some to childhood rules you want to break, some to prestige, some to “I deserve this” attitude, and some to mid-life crisis--wanting to be wild and crazy when you’re balding with teen-agers that need braces. I didn’t see the “lust and greed” ad today, but I know it’s out there.

Guess which ad goes with the car of your dreams. My favorite ad (although not the car), is definitely #9. It’s edgy--like a Laura Bush joke. Answers at the bottom of the page.

1. Freedom isn’t knowing your limits, but realizing you have none.
2. The luxury vehicle that tows other luxury vehicles away.
3. Moving at the speed of surround sound.
4. Can you resist? Absolutely nothing in moderation.
5. It’s all grown up. Drivers wanted.
6. A luxury car designed to protect you from blending in.
7. However unwarranted, improvements were made.
8. Take everything you know about design and nudge it. Push it. Simplify it. Modernize it. Liberate it.
9. Holds four keisters. Kicks all the rest.
10.Take no prisoners. Well, no more than six.

a. Cadillac SRX
b. Mazda
c. Aston Martin
d. Honda Acura
e. Jaguar XJ
f. Volkswagen Jetta
g. Saab
h. Land Rover
i. Nissan Infiniti
j. Lincoln Mark LT

1-c. 2-j. 3-d. 4-e. 5-f. 6-g. 7-h. 8-i. 9-b. 10-a.

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