Thursday, May 26, 2005

1073 We posed for this cartoon

Check out today's Non Sequitur by Wiley (May 26, 2005). I swear, that could be us. I'm always reading some strange article to my husband or quoting off-the-wall statistics. In the cartoon, the wife is in a double bed reading the newspaper. Lamps on either side of the bed. Check. Cat on the bed asleep. Check. The husband in his underwear is admiring his reflection in the mirror wearing a beret. The caption says "Bob maintains his majority status," while the wife is reading aloud, "Only a small percentage of the population actually looks good in a beret."

I showed it to my husband, laughing so hard tears were streaming down my cheeks. His only comment: "We're not getting any younger, are we?"

Have a nice Memorial Day Holiday. We'll be gone for awhile. Don't know if I'll find a computer. Catch ya' later.

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