Wednesday, July 06, 2005

1231 Lutheran Chautauqua

This week at Lakeside is "Lutheran Chautauqua." Dr. Fred Meuser is the Chaplain of the week. I heard him Sunday at church, yesterday at Chapel and last evening at Vespers. He is just outstanding. He used to be President of Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus. Yesterday morning he gave one of the best sermons on communion, "Come to the table," I've ever heard, although it wasn't offered at that service. Last night he talked about modern day martyrs of the faith. He showed us his "clergy cap" with a removable "collar."

Yesterday I went to the afternoon watercolor because I wanted to hear Dr. Meuser in the morning. However, it was for beginners, and I didn't get much out of it. And I sat between two children--who were really good! How threatening!! So today I'll go up to the 10 a.m. class and see if I can get in with the other instructor, Barbara Cox, who is doing seascapes and landscapes.

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Anonymous said...

Lakeside rules supreme (among Chautauquas)