Friday, July 08, 2005

1239 Разработка онтологий 101: руководство по созданию Вашей первой онтологии

OK, I’m just showing off. This is a neat site available in English, French and Russian called, Ontology Development 101 : A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology. I saw it at John Dupuis’engineering library blog (he always finds such fun things to explore--no one has more fun than a librarian).

Here’s the abstract, and this exhausts my knowledge of the subject: Ontologies have become core components of many large applications yet the training material has not kept pace with the growing interest. This paper addresses the issues of why one would build an ontology and presents a methodology for creating ontologies based on declarative knowledge representation systems. It leverages the two authors experiences building and maintaining ontologies in a number of ontology environments including Protege-2000, Ontolingua, and Chimaera. It presents the methodology by example utilizing a tutorial wines knowledge base example. While it is aimed at users of frame-based systems, it can be useful for building ontologies in any object-centered system.

Without further ado, please go here.

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