Sunday, July 10, 2005

1247 Wretchard is outed!

Belmont Club written by Wretchard has long been one of my favorite blogs. Now he is no longer anonymous. But he outed himself. I think when you start getting quoted by the "real" press, the temptation is to come out from behind the curtain. He tells all. He's a Filipino Australian. I would have never imagined.

A typical, measured, pragmatic, smack-down post:

"The inevitable question then is 'why could Bin Laden not find the means to attack 30 trains?' The answer it seems to me, must be Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa and hundred other places where he is engaged without quarter by US forces. Resources, whether Jihadi or no are not infinite. They do not have some magical machine that allows them to be everywhere at once, to sustain losses yet grow. There's no free lunch, not even, and especially not for Bin Laden. If it were true that Islamism would shrivel faster were it pursued more passively, then pre-911 policy should have finished it by now. But what we empirically observe is that ignoring them allowed them to mount 911-scale attack. Hit them continuously and in four years they could scrape together enough to blow up a London bus and some subway trains."

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