Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ornament for the White House tree

We've been hearing some stories about some of the odd and hyper-political ornaments on the White House Tree--like Obama's face on Mt. Rushmore, Mao Tse Tung and drag performer Hedda Lettuce. The left wing bloggers/journalists are criticizing the right for being upset (although they don't refer to themselves as left wing). Actually, Mao wouldn't be the first marxist at the White House. Last year the only ornament out of 370 submitted that was rejected was political. The artists was anti-everything, including life, and that's not particularly appropriate for a Bush Christmas tree. That the Obamas kept the highly political ornaments that pleased and agreed with them, reflects their tastes.

Too bad bloggers at both ends don't focus on some of the really great ornaments, like my friend Jeanie's, a local artist, retired teacher and member of my church. She created an ornament to reflect the history of the Ohio Theater in downtown Columbus.
    "The tree on which Auseon's bulb hangs is one of several trees First Lady Michelle Obama asked artists nationwide to help decorate. Obama said she wanted as much input from the country as possible when it came to celebrating the holidays in the White House.

    That meant recycling about 800 ornaments left over from previous administrations and sending them out to community groups nationwide for artists to decorate. . .

    She artfully covered the orb in glittery red and green ribbon and rhinestones, mixing in pictures and facts about the theater's history in three days.

    "It's very ornate," she said of the piece which incorporates decoupage vintage photo of the theater on the bulb's face and nearly a foot of hanging ribbon.

    Looks aside, the bulb's design is meant to tell a story, Auseon said.

    "I just hope that ... they might go up to look more closely at it and, as they look more closely, that the story might reveal itself and that they'll think, 'Hey that's really neat,' " she said." SNP News
From an archival viewpoint, I would have preferred that White House ornaments not be recycled, and I don't know how far back they went (at least the 8 years of the Bush administration) and I don't know if they are federal property or belong to whoever lives there. But it would seem a "blank" canvas ornament/bulb could have been sent to the artists rather than reusing the old ones.


Richard | said...

Obamas face on Mt Rushmore? It sounds like someone is trying to make an ironic point or something. I love Obama but why on Rushmore?

Anonymous said...

At least we can keep the pagan elements of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
When you began to see Obama's picture showing up everywhere, it kinda reminds me of what you see with a dictatorship in other countries. Oh and Richard, what is it you love about a President who is destroying our Republic and your way of life?

Anonymous said...

This is the wrong site for Obama supporters...Richard,but I read it too. She used to be a Democrat and I have fond memories of that. I keep hoping the wake up coffee will kick in...Happy New Year

Norma said...

Got that wake up call some years ago, and realized every good and decent project had a long term, never ending invoice for future generations.