Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yes, you found the mother load!

Someone searched "blogs of retired old people" on Google and found me.

So I looked at what else, besides me, this search turned up.

Old Democrats blogging for Obama

Blog catalog using retired folks as a topic

Senior citizen humor--check out the 91 year old stripper

The New Old Age, NYT blog on aging

Retirement home for old horses

Stix Blog

And others. You get the idea. Old people are blogging.


Three Score and Ten or more said...

I'm hurt that they missed me.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean "load"? Or did you mean "lode"?
Just checking to see if I was missing a bit of humor there.

Norma said...

Lode works. But load is what moms do best.

Norma said...

Richard--I didn't sort through the whole list. Your 3 score and 10 is of course one of the best retiree blogs. Actually, you're so busy, I'm not sure you are retired!