Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recipes I've never tried

Have been found while I was cleaning my kitchen shelves, rearranging things to find just the right spot for the new TV.

They include
    The Saturday Evening Post Family Cookbook, c1984--supposed to be healthy stuff, bran raisin bread, carrot muffins, barley soup, which is probably why I bought it (library sale, $2.00

    Joyce's Amaretto Peach/Blueberry pie with a note from her, 2005

    Florida Key Lime Pie, on a post card purchased in Florida

    "Fun food for football," real easy munchies from Columbus Parent Magazine; includes Mexican Chili dip and those meatballs made with grape jelly--plus a few I've used before--super easy

    Chocolate chip ice cream pie, creamed chicken and biscuits and others on some fancy cards that must belong to someone else's set. "Grandma's Kitchen"

    Hillary Rodham Clinton's chicken and rice deluxe clipped from the Columbus Dispatch.

    Poached Salmon--hand written recipe, with note, "Norma--call me" but I don't remember who wrote it.

    Blueberry muffins using Splenda

    Sausage cheese balls using Bisquik.

    Slow-cooker lasagna from the Dispatch

    Corn stuffing--I think I might have made this a few Thanksgiving days ago.

    Soup recipes from our Germany river tour in 2005, on MS Switzerland. They were fabulous on board as I recall. Probably not quite the same from my stovetop.
I think they'll all fit inside the Sat. Evening Post book, so I'll keep them.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a new recipe for the new year. LL