Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life isn't fair

A mother and her two young adult children. Read it here. "The fact is the worst age for a human being on this planet is between 13 and 23. If we’re honest with ourselves and each other we’ll admit that those were our STUPIDEST years . . . "


namaste said...

oh my! thanks so much, norma! i am truly humbled and flattered by your kind acknowledgment.

warm regards,


Richard | said...

I'm 20 so I'm too stupid to comment lol. Only joking. I think we make a lot of mistakes in these years because we are learning so fast and failure is the path to success.

Norma said...

Richard--to some extent most parents wish they could pass along their life's lessons to their children, but the kids want to relearn it all, mistakes included, on their own. You are wise to realize failures are necessary in the learning process.