Friday, September 21, 2012

Family Friday Photo—Third Cousins once removed


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About a decade ago Jeanie decided to research her roots, and discovered the George family of Pennsylvania from which I am also descended.  Her great-great grandfather Cornelius and my great grandfather David were brothers and both settled in Illinois.  Their sister Mary Anne lived in Iowa in the mid-19th century,  and in the 1990s her granddaughter wrote a huge family genealogy.  Jeanie’s family wasn’t in it, we think because her grandmother married outside the culture, and we knew nothing about her branch of the family tree.  But we’re all connected now, in part because of the internet which makes things much easier.  I had some family memorabilia from Cornelius’ family (the woven blanket, pottery from the 1840s, 1850s) and a pastry wheel from the early 19th c.  that was made for Mary Knopp George, a Danner descendent, the brothers’ mother.  So I gave them to Jeanie and she has two small museums in mind for them. We had such a delightful day together looking over old photos and comparing notes.  She’s a much more determined genealogist than I am and actually goes to historical sites, cemeteries, and court houses—and to distant cousins several states removed.


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Great post. Keep sharing more.

Norma said...

Marianne Michael, about whom I speak in this blog and who sent me the article in the photo which are now in a museum, died December 17, 2015 in Hills, Iowa. She and her husband Herbert who died in 2013 were Church of the Brethren missionaries in Nigeria.