Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tiller’s abortion clinic will reopen

It’s true that atheist dictators and despots have killed far more people (usually their own citizens/subjects) than all the wars Christians have fought over theology, liturgy, Christology, etc., however, if Christian abortionists like George Tiller (Lutheran) and the pro-choice Christians keep at it, they could surpass those killing fields.

“The Wichita-based non-profit group Trust Women Foundation Inc. purchased Tiller’s former clinic in late August, Executive Director Julie Burkhart said Wednesday.

Erin Thompson, an attorney for Tiller’s widow, confirmed the sale. “

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I’m against the death penalty, whether it’s murder of an abortionist, murder of a pre-born baby, or the legal execution of a slime ball doctor who murdered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood.  But at least I’m consistent.  Are you?

An abortionist can make more money before noon in one day, than following one patient 7 months to deliver a live baby, and s/he doesn’t need to worry about being sue several years later if the baby isn’t perfect, smart, and athletic.

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