Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Affordable, affordable, affordable

Listening to Obama jive talking today about the glories of the ACA reminds of the time about 20 years ago I ran in a marathon. Well, not exactly running--within a few blocks I was walking--even stumbling because I wasn't in shape and hadn't prepared, and everyone else finished way before me, but finally (after cutting and cheating a little bit) I did make it across the finish line. There were still a few people there to cheer--or maybe waiting to take down the barricades and go home. I still have the t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

If you cheated then you don't deserve to wear the shirt. Not sure what your cheating has to do with a good president with a vision to secure healthcare for uninsured people. And more than 9 million people now have healthcare. If you'd like to read some of the stories, go to Bruce Lindner on facebook and read the stories that he and some of his fb followers posted just a couple days ago..

Norma said...

There are so many people who have lost insurance, you'll need to do some subtracting. This program is a disaster; he took the most successful health system in the world and destroyed it for his own purposes.