Saturday, April 12, 2014

Eric Holder

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Attorney General Eric Holder is giving black Democrats a bad name as a whiny, petulant "nothing's my fault" kind of guy. When Tom Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzalez were maligned and beaten up by Democrats and the media, they didn't take it personally, but politically. And Obama's the ONLY President ever treated this way? Gracious. Clinton was impeached! Nixon resigned! Several have been killed in office. Vice President Agnew was forced to resign. Vice President Dan Quayle was so ridiculed by Democrats and the media I was embarrassed for THEM (I was a Democrat then). Remember the Murphy Brown incident, and he was right--but don't confuse liberals with the facts. Jimmy Carter is the butt of a million jokes, and was even in office. Last time I checked none of them were black, although Gonzalez was Hispanic. There is enough disgrace and malfeasance in Holder's tenure to sink several Attorney Generals, and he uses his race as an excuse? Man up!

"The frustration is that the American people have not been told the truth about what happened at the IRS. The American people have not been told the truth about what happened in 'Fast and Furious.' The administration has not told the American people about the truth about Benghazi," Boehner said. "And we've been going through all these hearings, having to hold people in contempt because they've made it impossible to get to the documents. They've not been forthcoming. They owe the American people the truth." John Boehner, CBS file

“Why should Republicans tolerate the corruption of Holder and Breuer?   House Speaker, John Boehner, is protecting Holder and his gang and trying to make a deal with Holder to avoid a criminal contempt court action against Holder which Congress would easily win.   Is it because V. I. Governor de Jongh pulled the race card with,“It is a sad day in our nation when reckless allegations can be published without substance or verification as part of the smearing of our President or his Attorney General. This kind of broad brush stereotyping was shameful in the days of Jim Crow, and it is more so today?”    So, Boehner won’t be called a racist and will be a nice guy? Boehner participates, along with Holder and Breuer, enabling total public corruption and the perversion of US Law and the US Department of Justice.   Leo Durocher of the Brooklyn Dodgers, expressed it best, “Nice guys finish last.””  Black and Right

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