Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Donald Sterling kerfuffle

"How did Donald Sterling get away with behavior, in a professional sports league dominated by black players, which would get a college kid kicked out of school and scarred for life? Have they no morals clause in the NBA? How was Donald Sterling voted that lifetime achievement award by the NAACP? The answer to all likely lies in the adage: Follow the money." Patrick J. Buchanan

I'm listening to an NBA rep say he's going to take the team away from him and fine Sterling for being a bad old man and saying bad things in a private conversation. No punishment for being married with mistress.

Meanwhile, John Kerry still has his job.

This Clippers/NBA flap isn't about Sterling. He was a known racist for 3 decades, the league is 81% black, and they willingly take his money. It's obviously a sport that cares little about diversity. The NBA, Sterling and the players care about green, not black. The NBA should be ashamed of their phony outrage.

The media coverage and shock and horror IS about getting Obama off the front page, particularly as new evidence keeps coming out about the Benghazi cover up. WH advisor Ben Rhodes who came up with blame the video is found in numerous e-mails planning to protect the President in the 2012 election (and they were successful, weren't they?). Ben Rhodes brother is a highly placed executive at CBS. We've got the smoking gun, but if they can smother it with the Sterling story. . .

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