Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hutterites from Canada looking for roots in Ukraine

Interesting story of a group of Hutterites from Canada who go to Russia to display their hog equipment for sale and then go on the Ukraine (Hutterthal and Johannesruh) to look for their roots.  German Mennonites were moved to Ukraine in the 18th century because they were such good farmers, always keeping their language (Plattdeutsch), which caused them a lot of discrimination during WWI and WWII.  Many fled to U.S., Canada and South America.


The milking scenes are interesting—the women just go into the field, the cows are not restrained. Then deliver it.

Gorgeous scenes of farms and villages in Ukraine (2007).  Wonder what is happening there now?

Some history of the Hutterites and Jacob Hutter. How Lutherans became Hutterites after being banished for not converting to Catholicism.



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