Thursday, April 10, 2014

Obama’s War on Women—it’s the economy

Why is Obama pandering to women with this phony war on women? Ted Cruz might have the answer. "The reality are women are hurting and they are hurting under President Obama's economic agenda. Under President Obama 3.7 million women have moved into poverty. Under President Obama, the median income for women has dropped over $700. The Obama economy is a disaster. And the people who are hurt the most are the most vulnerable among us, they’re young people, they’re Hispanics, they’re African-Americans, they are single moms. And all of the smoke and mirrors that the White House has designed to distract from the failures of the Obama economy and the people who are hurting and no one is being hurt more than women by the Obama economy.” (On Neil Cavuto show, April 8)

Democrats in the Senate have red faces over the comparison of their own staff salaries.  Especially the Senator fro Alaska—a difference of $23,000 a year.  And why not?  They were apparently hired based on skill, service, job difficulty, and seniority.  Just like women in the private sector.

This bill (which failed) was full employment for lawyers.

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